Storefront of The Beautiful Stuff Project in Somerville, MA

Storefront of The Beautiful Stuff Project in Somerville, MA

The Beautiful Stuff Project

A local non-profit leveraging creative reuse has been doing profound things for kids, families & teachers in the community for the last 5 years.

Their needs:

The lovely folks at TBSP needed a website that could clearly articulate what they offered, how/when people could engage, a vehicle for donations & a calendar of ongoing events. Over the course of 3 months we streamlined EVERYTHING they do through brain dumps, creating systems for organizing their existing content & shooting additional photos of their storefront & workshop area. I clarified their messaging to deliver bite-size snapshots while using reviews & their existing photos to help tell their story. As a non-profit, they wanted the functionality of a simple, powerful site that they could update themselves ongoing.

Website design & optimization, professional photos for site & socials, marketing videos, monthly analytics reporting, training on how to use a drag & drop content management system like Squarespace.

Find them on the web, Facebook & Instagram.


Shop their materials

“Fill your own grocery size bag of materials for $10.  We are committed to a “pay what you can model” & appeal to those who can to pay more when they get a bag. Maybe $15? Maybe even $25. Consider your generosity a gift to support creativity & hands on learning for all children & a vote of confidence towards our continued success. Finally, please bring a reusable shopping bag or a recycled paper bag from your house if possible.”


Educational Programs

“Decades of research demonstrates clearly that young children learn best through meaningful play, yet in today’s educational culture of high pressure academics, play is disappearing from many early childhood classrooms. Here at TBSP, our collaborative work is guided by a shared vision that everyone, including the youngest child, has perspectives & ideas that can be revealed through exploratory experiences with open ended materials…