✓Overwhelmed with social media stuff?

✓ Not sure how to use the internet to make money?

✓ Don't know where to begin?


I can help.


Phone Photography—Online Workshop

Looking to take better photos just in time for the holidays? In this online workshop I give you a backstage pass to my photography process & how I reached 33k+ organic followers on instagram. You will leave the workshop with basic understanding in these 5 areas:

✓ How to shoot in VSCO and use presets and filters for a desired photo vibe

✓ How to leverage Snapseed editing tools for fine-tuned adjustments such as removing unwanted fuzzies on clothes, creating white backgrounds and editing sections of a photo.

✓ Good photo composition

✓ Photo concepts such as the 1/3 rule, adjusting temperature, wide angles and where to position your subject.

✓ How to shoot non-invasive photos of your kids while maintaining privacy


✓ Olloclip—what is it, how do I use it, how does it make my pictures look incredible

✓ Tricks with tripods, time lapses & remote shutters


“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Relaxed, easy to follow and informative. Not only has it improved my technical knowledge and photographs, it also got me to consider how and when I actually take photographs and how I can make this less obtrusive for my daughter and capture more of her true personality. Will definitely sign up for the next one.” -Collette

“I’m so grateful Jenna put this workshop together. I've admired her photographs for a long time and was curious about some of the tricks she used to capture childhood so purely and creative. It was also inspiring to learn how to photograph my child in a non-invasive way and to learn more about documenting than posing. There is so much packed into the hour, I'm really excited for this resource!” -Anonymous

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Instagram Audit

After this audit you’ll receive a report + a call from me with a strategic plan to move forward plus answers to the following 10 questions:

✓ Who is my audience?

✓ Who is my competition?

✓ What posts do well?

✓ Why do those posts do well?

✓ When should I be posting?

✓ Why should I be posting?

✓ What should I do more of?

✓ What should I do less of?

✓ What tools *within* the platform can I leverage to meet my goals?

✓ What 3rd party platforms can help me reach my goals?

Learn more about me here.

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Full Service Digital Audit

I’ll take a look at all your digital platforms then call you with a quick-start checklist for moving forward. You will receive a report card assessing all your digital channels with scores & recommendations in the following 6 domains:

✓ Reach (SEO, email marketing, social media)

✓ Architecture (Channel design, structure & functionality)

✓ Content (Process & assets)

✓ Conversion (All channels)

✓ Integration (All online & offline touch points)

✓ Metrics (Performance, Analytics & Audience)

More about me here.

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Learn more about Jenna here or see her photography.