Instagram Audit


Instagram Audit


A lot of people are overwhelmed by Instagram but just can’t quit it. Either for entertainment, community or to drive business, there is a sense that “I just don’t know all the parts.” With this audit, I spend hours digging through your data, your community & your competition, then report back to you with a plan to get started. I’ll cover the following 10 questions:

✓ Who is my audience?

✓ Who is my competition?

✓ What posts do well?

✓ Why do those posts do well?

✓ When should I be posting?

✓ Why should I be posting?

✓ What should I do more of?

✓ What should I do less of?

✓ What tools *within* the platform can I leverage to meet my goals?

✓ What 3rd party platforms can help me reach my goals?

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